Over the Top Gear(OTTG) is an urban fashion image company created by Frederick Berry in the San Francisco Bay Area a few years ago.Together with his team they created a revolutionary hoodie that is functional, unconventional and well-designed.

The Mission

As a company, the mission is to always envision and create fashion images that are unique and different while  catering to a variety of people in terms of age, race, gender, etc.
To further the mission of OTTG, in February of this year (2018) Frederick met with Shark Tank television star and founder of FUBU, Daymond John for his expert advice and insight into our products and mission. The advice and insights provided by Mr. John at that meeting was a milestone in Frederick’s attempt to take his company to even greater heights.

Hoodie Hood Collection

This love of revolutionary fashion design has lasted for decades culminating in another of his ultimate design success stories – THE HOODIE HOOD collection. Our dynamic, futuristic line of fashion designs is being released in stages.  The HOODIE HOOD collection is just the beginning.

The Future

Although the hoodie hood is our first product brought to market, other revolutionary designs will be introduced the first part of next year. Our goal is to continue to create custom fashion images that separate you from everyone else.